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I am a born Fitness Model! I was always destined to be where I am today, despite getting lost in my “crazy” teen years!

When my Mother was pregnant with me, she was going through a 'super fit' stage in her life! She was at the gym every day ~ I truly believe this affected me before I was even born.


I started going to the gym regularly in my early 20's. My friends always commented on how great I looked & wanted tips on training & nutrition.  In 2008, despite studying interior design at the time, I decided to enroll at the AIF to complete both my Master (Personal) Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor diplomas.

 Early in 2010, I had reached a balance in my life after years of "all or nothing". My happiness truly showed in my physique! I was looking & feeling my best! I was always quite a shy person & I had hoped I would one day find the confidence to enter a Sports Model competition.
 I decided to enter the ANB Sydney Physique Championships on May 23rd 2010. The time had come and I was ready! As it ws also my Birthday that day, it was a present to myself for overcoming so much. I placed 3rd that day in a line up of more than 30 girls, I was instantly addicted! 
Over the course of 2010 & 2011, I went on to win a variety of State, National & Asia Pacific Titles, and earned an invite to both Fitness America in Las Vegas in November 2011 & the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival in the Ohio USA in March 2012. This was the start of my International competing career.


In the past I was  always looking to other trainers/coaches for help with my nutrition & training instead of trusting in myself. They put me on low carb diets, with excessive training programs, both of which resulted in hormonal imbalance & injury. I finally realised that I should be my own coach. So early in 2013, I slowly started incorporating more carbohydrates into my diet, and structuring rest into my regime and every week my physique would go to new levels. I also started feeling better mentally & emotionally as the months went by.



Next stage of my journey was the WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness & Fashion Inc). This incorporation was so amazing & glamorous. I did some research as to when I would return to the stage. I had my heart set on the spectacular World Titles in Las Vegas, August 23rd 2013~ I wanted to make a come-back that would shock & awe, so why not throw myself in the deep end? 


The Diva Fitness Model Short Class consisted of over 70 phenomenal, super-fit & stunning girls from all over the world~ it was just amazing! The experience was so positive & overwhelming. I was just ecstatic to place 2nd in the world & be rewarded my PRO CARD!!!! A long-term dream had just become my reality. I was the first Australian female fitness model to earn Pro status in this organisation, a true honour! This was a life-changing event & I have not ever looked back. I now judge the WBFF here in Australia, and coach girls for shows across the globe.



Through competing I have built a strong social media following and run my online coaching business largely through Facebook & Instagram. I now have clients in over 55 countries around the world and truly thrive on helping others find their passion for a fit & healthy lifestyle! This has shown me my true calling, to be a doctor.

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Nutrition and after that, my Bachelor of Medicine and within the next decade I will be Dr. Zoë Daly. I cannot wait for the next exciting chapter of my life to begin! 


I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and if you follow your passion, you just cannot go wrong! 



Zoë xx






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