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Here are some of the amazing results from my online clients have acheived from my Specialised Competition Prep Package and Posing sessions! I absolutely LOVE working with them & helping them shine on stage! 

Stephanie Power QLD AUS 


I worked with Zoë for a total of 15 weeks and it has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life. About 10 weeks into my Prep, I was 10 kilos lighter with excellent muscle definition. Fast forward another 2 weeks and I went on stage to come 1st in my first ever comp in the INBA Ms. Fitness Division. I also got placings in my other divisions. I was so excited and felt so amazing I decided to extend my prep for another 2 weeks to compete at the AWNBS where I placed 3rd in the Foxy Fitness Division. I couldn't believe how awesome I was feeling so I decided to extend my prep another week to compete in INBA Miss Athletica. Zoë helped me take my body to somewhere I didn't think possible. I went onto come 1st in both the Ms. Fitness Novice and 1st in Sports Model Novice. I also came 4th in both Open events going up against girls who had competed for years!!! I also made it to the Overalls. 


I have always wanted to do a Fitness Comp and I have ALWAYS wanted Zoë as my coach as she was all about balance and keeping your metabolism firing and hormones healthy. From day 1, Zoë has been there for me to answer any questions I have. She included a lot of variety in her meal plans and her training programs. She was always switching things up to keep the body guessing. She gave me excellent tips on posing and all things competition so when it came to 'GAME DAY' I was more than prepared. She even included what to do on the day and exactly what to eat so I am full of energy for my events.

I am so happy I chose Zoë to be my Competition Prep Coach. She believed in me when I didn't and I knew she was right there pushing me along every step of the way. I have found a love for competing and have never felt so good about myself. I am truly the happiest I have ever been...all thanks to Zoë.


 First my Trainer, Forever my Friend. 


Alana Page NZ


"For 20 weeks I had Zoë help me through everything. By everything I mean EVERYTHING! She has been my trainer, a friend and an amazing coach!! 

Before my journey began with Zoë, I was exhausted, lethergic and looking "skinny". 

I was very nervous because I had a few friends who had been through the comp prep process and they had horrible experiences. I was so taken back after my competition because the preparation was so much easier than what I had thought! I was allowed some of my favourite healthy foods still like sweet potato, peanut butter and BANANA! There were times when I got sick and Zoë made sure I rested instead of trained and actually gave me more food to eat! After my competition I didn't even crave a cheat meal because she made sure I was so healthy and full of energy for stage. I have now referred Zoë onto my friend as she was so happy with the way I looked for stage and the experience I had with her.


Every dollar I have invested Zoë has been worth it! She has not only helped me accomplish my goal of getting on stage and competing, she has changed my whole perspective on my health and fitness. I am a personal trainer myself and I look up to Zoë as a role model because she looks after her clients and provides an excellent service. She would even send me emails on a Sunday and always reply straight away to any questions I had.


I will be competing next year in New Zealand and have already got a plan of attack with Zoë!! Thanks so much ZOË I am truly going." 


Marnie Harding QLD AUS


“What an incredible and exciting journey I have had! First time of competing and I could not be any happier thanks to Zoë! Not only did I place 4th in Fitness Model, I have learned and gained so much from my 3 month prep. I'm so happy with my achievement however I am most happy about the journey: where I was 3 months ago, to where I am now, has made me become both physically and mentally stronger. 


From day one Zoë has taken me under her wing and has not only guided me in the right direction but has been nothing but supportive and encouraging every step of the way. Zoë continually has messaged me and asks me how I am feeling and going, and I can honestly say I have felt absolutely amazing every day through-out my prep. She is truly an amazing coach and mentor, not only has she transformed my physique but she has changed my old mindset to a positive outlook towards the importance of good nutrition and training! This woman has changed my life and I can not thank her enough. I cannot wait to continue my fitness journey with her in the future!”


Roxanne Schupp, Florida. USA


I really don't know where to begin and where to end in the attempt to try to summarize my amazing journey to the stage as a 1st time Figure competitor with Zoë as my coach. And even still i know i cant possibly express it the way it really feels. So forgive me as this may be a little long but I want you to get my whole story.

I contacted her and well let me just tell you that was the best decision I have ever made for myself...EVER!! This was all about me and along the way Zoë helped me change & build way more than a stronger better physique. 

We live on opposite sides of the world Zoë & I and I feel like I could not have chosen anyone better. Her program not only changed my body but it transformed much much more. At age 43...closer to 44...i am in the best shape of my entire life, more confident than I ever thought possible and been able to work through some really horrible things from my past as a youngster. 

I don't know how she did it...but from pictures & emails she reached across the world and molded me into a newer, more fit, more positive, confident....i could go on and on. 

Along the way there was no question she didn't answer even when I thought I was being a pain she assured me that I was doing great and would give me just what I needed exactly when I needed it...even if it was just a little positive reinforcement and encouragement. 

I made a life long friend in Zoë and I have never met her in person or even talked with her on the phone. I hope to change that some day and visit her in Australia to thank her personally for changing my life forever.

This is my lifestyle now and I couldn't be more excited to see what unfolds. If you are looking to be a better fitter you or take a journey to that stage YOU WANT ZOË in your corner! Do it...don't hesitate, don't question just do it. 

I competed in that competition this past weekend. I walked on that stage totally expecting to be nervous but I was cool as a cucumber. It shocks me really. I felt like I belonged there on that stage. And you know what? I did. 

I entered 4 categories in my show. 

Figure 1st timer ( 1st place)

Novice (1st place)

Masters 40+ (1st place+IFPA Pro card)

Open (1st place- Pro card)

It truly was an out of body experience and it still hasn't all settled in yet but 1 thing is for certain. I would not have chosen anyone else to get me there! I love you Zoë Daly you will forever hold a special place in my heart. 


Danielle Kedar, NSW AUS

"I chose Zoë to coach me for my first ever bikini competition because I wanted someone who would always put my physical and emotional health first, while getting me into the shape of my life. After completing her Athletique Physique program to give me a good foundation, I started on the 12 week Comp Prep program. Never in my life did I think comp prep would be such an enjoyable, happy experience. You hear so many horror stories from people who were absolutely miserable from prep but my experience was nothing short of amazing! I was hardly ever hungry, my cardio was very minimal, my workouts were fun, and I was full of energy. All while getting into the best shape of my life! Zoë was always there for me whenever I needed and her support was incredible. I stepped on stage at the IFBB NSW & National Championships feeling absolutely incredible and it's all thanks to Zoë! Now I think I'm hooked on competing and already looking for what my next show might be! I cannot recommend Zoë enough if are looking to compete. Thank you once again Zoë for letting me turn my dream into a reality!"


Kahli Connor. SA


I must admit I was a little skeptical when I first decided to compete. I had heard so many horror stories from other girls about how difficult and draining contest preparation had been for them ~ Mood swings, depression, hunger, eating disorders, dehydration and excessive cardio regimes,  just to name a few. 

To me that’s not true health, after all isn’t being a Fitness Model competitor all about portraying a healthy body image and inspiring others to do the same?

I found myself where else – but on google! I typed in “strong healthy fitness women”- A picture of Zoë Daly popped up, I thought to myself - WOW!! That’s true health. I clicked on her website and she had me sold, sent off an email and now 8 months later, I accomplished my goal and placed 3rd in a very tough line up at the ANB Muscle and Fitness Extravaganza. The rest is history.

Much to my surprise my prep was so smooth; I was eating more than I ever have before. No excessive cardio, no dehydration and no mood swings. She fed my body the nutritious wholesome foods it needed and as a result had my metabolism firing!! 

My journey in this sport is just beginning and I am beyond proud to have Zoë Daly behind me. I really can say that she has changed my life in every aspect for the better. She inspired me to become a qualified personal trainer and help others like myself, I have now found my purpose in life. It actually brings a tear to my eye, that’s how fulfilled and inspiring my journey has been with Zoë. THANKYOU!!!

Enough about me! If you love health, love fitness and have aspiration to one day compete, don’t hesitate to contact Zoë. With enough self-discipline and determination she will help you to reach YOUR GOALS!!



Zoe Dellaportas. VIC AUS


 “What is your goal?”  

This was a question I was being asked of my training a few too many times by too many people to continue to ignore.

With some introspectiveness and encouragement by my trainer and those close to me, I made the decision to set a goal for myself – to compete as a Fitness Model in 2014.

In order to achieve this goal, I knew I needed a coach. I had heard/read all the horror stories - the metabolic damage, hormone imbalances, starvation, psychological issues and the like. So I knew exactly what I did not want from a coach.

Through research I came across Zoë, I became a fan instantaneously. She was someone you could tell lead by example, a great success as WBFF Pro and someone who oozed health and fitness. I reached out to Zoë via email, that same day I received a response.

Zoë set about putting me on a nutrition/training program via her Athletique Physique package as a pre-cursor to her Competition package. Results were immediate. Finally I was fuelling my body correctly and I was training smarter. I was building lean muscle, dropping body fat, had energy and even more importantly I knew that I was learning good habits to put me in great stead for my competition package.

Comp prep does bring different challenges and this is where I cannot speak highly enough of Zoë. Doubt creeps in on your ability to actually achieve your goal, your rest time becomes crucial but when you think of nothing but competition sometimes sleep is difficult, you continue to hear about others terrible experiences and anticipate that these same things will happen to you – these are the times when Zoë’s experience and dedication to her clients shines. There was always an email to alleviate the fears and concerns, an explanation as to why I was feeling that way and what if anything I needed to do to move on. I recall that all of my return emails had about a hundred THANK YOU’S because it really was what I needed to read at that time.

With Zoë as my coach I was able to achieve my goal in May 2014. The satisfaction of going up on stage, presenting a body that we both worked so hard to create; words cannot even begin to describe my great sense of achievement.

I have always said to Zoë along this journey, “I’m so glad that I found you”.

So if you are ready to take your training/nutrition to another level and gain the knowledge to maximize the results of your input, reach out to Zoë just like I did. It will change your life…it’s in the name :).



Silvia Kramska. Sydney, Australia.


After being with few trainers and not getting the results I wanted, I decide to contact Zoë. I wasn't sure how it was going to work online, but after the first email back from Zoë I knew she was the right person to work with. I was 12 weeks out from my first ever comp, so she put me on her 12 week Comp package, 100 % tailored to my needs, especially with my busy lifestyle being a manager of tennis school and tennis coach .Zoë was a great coach all the way, anytime I needed anything, she was there for me and always helped and inspired me. The plan has been amazing and I have learned a lot from her, still learning! She is a wonderful trainer and motivation for me and I wouldn't be where I am right now without all of her help and tips. I ended up placing 2nd at my first comp at Bikini Open and was invited to the Australian titles! So happy working with Zoë and I will stay with her for as long as possible so she can help me to achieve all of my goals!



Skye Van Den Oever. NSW, AUS.


I did Zoë's 12 week comp prep plan to help me prepare for my first ever bikini competition. I had always been reasonably fit and healthy but I had no idea what to do when it came to putting on muscle, getting lean or the thousand other things you need to do in order to compete! Zoë's plan laid everything out for me, my foods, my workouts, every day was planned so I barely had to think about a thing! There were plenty of options to make my meals from & Zoë was even there to change my portion sizes as I needed to match my metabolism. The workout plan was great as well. I told Zoë that there were a few days of activity (like yoga & kickboxing classes) that I'd like to keep in my schedule so she was able to work around that. Any questions I had about the meal plan or the workout, Zoë was there to help. Even on the weekends! Zoë is such a positive and inspiring coach! Every time I felt like I wasn't progressing, she gave me the most positive encouragement that really made me believe in myself and her plan! I've decided to to the INBA Castle Hill show as well as the Newcastle NABBA so I think it's fair to say I'm hooked! For this season at least :) Thanks again for everything Zoë!



Phee McAlpine. NSW, Australia.


Having Zoë to coach and guide me in my posing and stage presence for my Fitness Model Competitions truly transformed me on stage. Coming into my second fitness model competition I really felt my confidence on stage was letting me down and was really looking to find someone who could work with me to make me look the best I could be on stage, but to also make me feel the best on stage mentally. I can definitely say that I found this through Zoë. My confidence and improvement on stage has sky rocketed and I will continue to work with Zoë as I feel her guidance in fitness and health as well as her outlook on life has helped me so greatly. Zoë's amazing knowledge and warmth is unbeatable and made me the best I could be on stage. I cant say Thank You enough.- Phoebe MacAlpine - 3rd Place Bikini INBA Riverina Championships.



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