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2010 ANB Sydney Physique Championships- May 23rd- Sports Model- 3rd Place


2010 ANB Asia Pacific International (Gold Coast)-May 29th -Sports Model-  4th Place


2010 INBA All Female Classic (Melbourne) - July 10th –Sports Model- 2nd Place


2010 INBA NSW State Titles-September 26th – Sports Model- 1st Place


2010 IFBB Australian National Titles -October 23rd- Bikini- 3rd Place


2010 IFBB NSW State Titles- October 23rd- Bikini- 1st Place


At this point, I decided to take my training & nutrition to a new level and started doing structured weight training & eating 6 meals a day. I wanted to see how I could transform my physique & how far I could go with competing in the new year…


2011 Asia Pacific International Fitness Model Championships (GC)- June 13th - Fitness Model- 1st Place


2011  IFBB Australian National Titles – October 15th- Bikini- 1st Place


2011  IFBB NSW State Titles- October 15th- Bikini- 1st Place


2012 Arnold’s Sports Festival- March 1st, Columbus OH, USA.

Top 15 Finalist: Bikini  


My physique had come a very long way since I stood on that stage at the Arnolds. I had a break from the world of competition and established some much-needed balance in my life. The time came and I was ready to return....


2013 WBFF WORLD TITLES -August 23rd 2013. Las Vegas USA.    

2nd   Place Diva Fitness Model  PRO STATUS EARNED.


Zoë now coaches men and women all over the world to reach their goals, either in competition or just everyday life.



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