I only take on a small handful of girls each season as I like to be able to devote the time to YOU. To reserve your

space for the next season, booking is required at least 2 months in advance. My 12 o 16 weeks of prep will see you

through 3-4 Phases of training & nutrition. The phases will be determined depending on your starting point &

current body fat%. Many first-time competitors will need a longer prep, ideally 20-24 weeks, to achieve ideal body composition the HEALTHY WAY. I prioritise my clients health above all, to ensure balanced hormones and no post-comp rebounds.


This package has it all! LOADED with advice on how to be your very best on Comp day ~ and beyond!

From tanning, Bikini's and all of my secret tips! Weekly check-ins/online support and peak week nutrition are also included. Perfect for sports/fitness/bikini model competitors for all federations. I have experience & hold titles across

the board with the ANB, INBA & IFBB here in Australia. I have been on the world stage multiple times & earned Pro

Status with the prestigious WBFF after placing 2nd out of 80 competitors at the World Titles in 2013, in Las Vegas.



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All Packages


I send through everything in PDF form for you to printout: A personalised eBook,

Training Programs & Meal Guideline Clients check-in weekly or fortnightly with progress shots & feedback &

from this I can see if any adjustments need to be made to the meal guidelines or training element, or both.

**Checking in is an integral part of my program. All of my packages come with my AMAZING Ab/Core workouts 

& leg/glute activation program! 



Each package is available as 12-24 Week options which consist of structured meal guidelines & 3-6 x phases of training, each phase lasting 4 weeks. 12 weeks is an ideal time frame to help get some impressive results & form new life-long habits, however if you need help with making a complete lifestyle change, 24 week packages are highly beneficial and this will definitely be a life-changing exerience for you.



Meal Guidelines 


  1. All meal guidelines are completely personalised therefore only including the foods you love!  

  2. My guidelines have longevity. I do not believe in depriving the body of vital nutrients or cutting entire food groups.

  3. List of macronutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fats) to create your own dishes, meal tips & recommended portion sizes are provided.

I do not believe in deprivation "diets" or "quick fix" solutions ! 


• My plans are structured accordingly to your individual goals & needs, and are designed to compliment your training

• I steer away from gluten at all times 

• Nutritionist Approved 

• Options range from lower carb, moderate carb through to higher carb

• Carb cycling recommendations & explanation

• Ideal macro-ratio for your goals

• Post-training nutrition

• Correct meal times advised to help you reach your goals & fit into your lifestyle. 

* Your personal grocery list included! 


All packages are absolutely loaded with my top tips & advice! I would love to help you reach your goals & go beyond them! 



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