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For those who do not know me, I thought I would tell you my story, so you have an understanding of who I am :)


I am a born Fitness Model! I was always destined to be where I am today ~ despite getting lost in my “crazy” teen years!

When my Mother was pregnant with me, she was going through a “super fit” stage in her life! She was at the gym every day ~ I truly believe this affected me before I was even born.

 My Mother is a doctor & my Father, a Bio Medical Engineer who was on the team that designed the Cochlear Ear Implant, so I guess you could say I know a fair bit about the human body and its capabilities when fit and healthy! A family of fitness enthusiasts ~ always cycling, walking, climbing mountains, skiing & windsurfing. They took my older brother & sister and I sailing on our yacht every weekend when we were little kids and we were always on the go, finding deserted beaches where we could swim & explore for hours on end. They didn’t allow a TV in the house until I was in High School, which meant we were always active. I thought i was missing out at the time but I am so grateful for this now! Not only did I read A LOT ~ I was the fittest kid around!

 Athletic genes meant I have always been fit & strong. I was quite the tomboy growing up ~  always exercising in one way or another~  Nippers (Junior Surf Life Saving). Little Athletics, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, ice skating, surfing, baseball... I loved it all! 


These days I am far more feminine, still a tomboy at heart though :) My passion for fitness is stronger than ever & is now my way of life!
 I am a major perfectionist & competitive by nature.


I suffered depression on & off since my mid teens, it became a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, stemming from my fears of both failure & success alike. My perfectionist streak often meant I felt inadequate so I just wouldn’t strive for things unless I could be “perfect”. This meant I would often quit before I would accomplish anything.
 I found training to be theraputic to me, a place I could escape feelings of anxiety & sadness….A place where I was always happy and in control.


I devoted 4 months of my life to prep, I sacrificed the Festive season ~ as everyone indulged on Christmas Day & New Years Eve, I kept my eyes on the Prize. I planned everything down to the T, months in advance. I was going to be in the shape of my life for this spectacular International event!
The Arnolds was an incredible experience, however quite a painful one at the same time.
Unfortunately I got very sick after the flight to the US as they seated me next to an airvent, at 9% body fat my body was prone to illness. I spent the days leading up to the comp in bed, at one point I was nearly hospitalised. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to get on stage. But that was never an option! My parents & partner had traveled across the world to watch me compete and I was not going to let them, my sponsors ~ or myself down.
After the months of sacrifice, countless hours spent training, preparing 100’s of meals, planning my days down to the last minute ~ (I never factored in that I could get sick) there was just no way I was going to let this moment pass me by! 
So I got on stage & gave it my all & still managed to place in the top 15. Next time I am returning home with my Pro Card.
The experience made me stronger & even more determined to succeed! In fact I am very grateful for the negatives, as I learned invaluable lessons & evolved so much mentally.  I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I started going to the gym regularly in my early 20's. My friends always commented on how great I looked & wanted tips on training & nutrition.
 At the time I was studying interior design and also selling & racing Prestige cars. A colleague of mine always talked about the Institute of Fitness, where he had studied and was now teaching RPM classes, a great way to combine his passion with making a living. In 2008 I decided to go study at the AIF and became a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor.
Despite accomplishing this and following my heart, I was still not content in life & still experienced depression, which, at times, was debilitating. I used to dream of emotional stability & doing amazing things in the Fitness Industry.

 Early in 2010, I had reached a balance in my life. My happiness truly showed in my physique! I was looking & feeling my best! I have always been quite a shy person & I had hoped I would one day find the confidence to enter a Sports Model Competition.
 I decided to enter the ANB Sydney Physique Championships on May 23rd 2010. The time had come and I was ready! As it ws also my Birthday, It was a present to myself. I came third that day in a line up of more than 30 girls ~ I was instantly addicted! 
Over the course of 2010 & 2011 I went on to win a variety of State, National & Asia Pacific Titles and earned an invite to the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival in the USA in March 2012.


Aside from competing, I am a Poliquin Bio-Signature Practitioner, lifetsyle coach, director of my online training/consulting company: Body By Z, avid Pilates & yoga enthusiast and all-round ambassador for health & fitness! In the not-so-distant future I will embark on a new, intellectual adventure. I will comple a Bachelors (double) degree in nutrition & psychology.
 Coming from a family of doctors and fitness fanatics, the foundations were laid at a young age and I have finally realized my life’s calling. I thoroughly enjoy helping others understand the importance and many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It is very liberating to realize this as I now have such a strong sense of direction.


Writing is also a passion of mine. At the age of 9 I won a novel writing competition and was offered a publishing contract by StarFish Publications! One day I would love to write a novel about my life experiences, to help others who may be suffering depression, low self esteem or feeling lost in their lives. Nobody should have to feel this way & I would like to show them that a fit & healthy lifestyle truly heals you from within.
Life throws us all curveballs, I believe through all my experiences, I have developed ‘mental agility’ to cope with these! 
 I have achieved what I used to dream of, and I am so excited to see what the future has in store!


Namaste :)

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