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Here are some of the amazing results my online clients around the world have acheived from my Custom Fitness & Nutrition Packages! I absolutely LOVE working with them & helping them reach their goals and beyond!

Contact me TODAY to start working towards your health & fitness goals!

Olivia Briody AUS


 "I got to a point in my life where I was tired of admiring fit women on social media and wanted to see what I was capable of. Zoë's page on instagram was one I checked on regularly, she was a straight shooter and made no secret that looking like she did took work. She came across as my type of person. I sent Zoë and email and didn't look back. I had dabbled in group classes before then, but never really ventured to the gym floor - my gym life is a complete 180 now! I do pilates or yoga once a week to recover from a week of weights and a few hits of cardio. There is no secret to it really, it's hard word and clever eating, but I needed someone who lived that life to really show me how to do it. Zoë KNOWS her stuff. I worked diligently and I worked hard. I stuck to my macros and for the first three weeks... I hated it. It was such a shift from anything I was even remotely familiar with... but I persisted. Week 4 and I start to see results. Motivation hit. HARD. There was no looking back then. Week after week,  I was so proud to send my updates to Zoë and she was always available to answer random questions. Even when times were hard, Zoë had a way of boosting my confidence and making me believe I was capable of doing it... she was right. I have never been more proud of myself, what I am physically capable of doing, my renewed self esteem and the love for my new life. "




Danni Boz USA


 "I first met Zoë when we competed together back in 2010. Since then, I have seen her amazing progress over the years and I was excited to try out her 12 Week Athletique Physique program. The great thing about Zoë's program is that she tailors it to what you enjoy eating! Having a nutritional plan that is made up of food you like makes it easy to follow. I could see the results on my body from week to week! I have always had a big sweet tooth, but it's amazing how much you stop craving it after you've been eating good nutritional food that makes you feel amazing. Zoë's program was the start of something awesome for me. Not only physically but mentally. After the 12 week program I had dropped 10 pounds and was feeling great! I work a full time job that requires travel at times, but I made my nutrition and training a priority - of course there were times when I went off-course, but Zoë was there to reassure me and help me get back on track. A month later, I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition in the bikini division. I signed up again for another 8 Week Comp Prep Program. With Zoë's support, guidance and easy-to-follow plan, I got to 12% body fat and brought home 4 trophies from my competition! This program has been life changing for me in so many ways and I am forever grateful and excited to continue on this new healthy lifestyle "




Abby Stuart NSW AUS


"Before being referred to Zoë I was stuck in huge a rut with my training. After competing in my first fitness model competition, I gained 16kg which I knew would have to go if I wanted to compete again. I knew what my body was capable of however regardless of how much time and effort I was putting in at the gym I wasn’t seeing any results. 


After explaining my situation and goals to Zoë, she recommended completing her Athletique Physique program as the first plan of attack followed by a 14 week comp prep.

After having completed the 8 week Athletique Physique program, and 6 weeks of my comp prep, I am feeling strong, energetic and confident with my body again. Zoë's programs and guidance have not only got me back on track with my health and fitness goals but have also given me the knowledge to maintain a strong and healthy body post comp and year round. I couldn’t be happier with the results we have achieved together so far and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next 8 weeks leading up to my competition. Thank you Zoë :)"




Maria Bond NSW AUS


I just wanted to send you a little update to say thanks for your enormous contribution, to my transformation. I went on to do a 12 week prep after the program I did with you and amazingly placed in 3 of the divisions I entered at the INBA All Female Classic last month


3rd - Bikini First Timers

2nd - Bikini Momma

3rd - Sports Model Momma


Your program really helped to get me in the right mindset and routine for comp prep, so once again thanks heaps Zoë!

The pics attached are a year apart, June 2015 vs June 2016, there's about 15kgs between them too!




Brandi Morris USA


 "I've come SUCH a long way with so much help from you! You have guided me and showed me that living a balanced healthy lifestyle is easy with the right program! Thank you for making me always feel beautiful and confident & also teaching me to love my body! This program is amazing and I cannot wait to start this new 12 weeks with you! I'm ready to take it to the next level and reach some goals! Thank you for also teaching me that the scale is nothing but a number. I use to watch the number on the scale and good or bad, I would binge eat - now I watch it fluctuate and it doesn't bother me one bit because I can see my body changing! I still struggle with cheat meals on weekends but I've learned if I do, not to overeat. I did great the first 7 weeks with no want or need for a cheat meal! It helped my metabolism so much and I think I need to do that again! She gave me extra carbs once a week & I truly believe this helped me a lot with not cheating as much! So thank you again for making this program amazing for me and helping me find my self and life this healthy lifestyle in a balanced way! :) "




Brooke Konicki USA



"Thank you soo much for all that you have provided for me to accomplish my goals! It has been a fantastic experience and absolutely life changing! Later I hope to do another program for bikini competitions so I'll be keeping you in mind! I feel like I resonate positivity and I know others around me do to because now they're asking for motivation tips. I love the positivity you show through your emails and all your social media accounts it's been so powering to me as a client and even before that. Thank you so much. If it's alright I would like to keep in contact with you just in case I need some help with maintaining my body healthily. You are truly an inspiring person and I know that many many other men and women feel the same. "





Mackenzie Puricelli USA

 "I contacted Zoë wanting to be more toned, lean out, and just completely change up how I was working out because I wasn't getting the results I wanted. 

I was doing endless amounts of cardio, under eating, and always stressing myself out because my body never changed. I have now gained SO much knowledge about weight lifting, and going to the gym is the best part of my day! I have even decided to change my major to exercise science and want to be a personal trainer. If you talk to any of my friends they will tell you that ever since I started Zoë's program, I have taken fitness to a new level and it is my love and passion! I couldn't be where I am today without her. Anytime I had any questions or concerns she always replied right away with answers that always helped. She has such an amazing program and I couldn't thank her enough! "






Katelyn Casey USA 



"I first started working with Zoë when I graduated college in May of 2014, I had been into working out and lifting weights but wasn't getting the results I wanted. 

 I was under-eating and over-working which was getting me no where. Plus, I kept getting on and off the wagon without any consistency because of that lack of results Now, I can say I have gained so much knowledge through the program created by Zoë.

The results I've gotten with Zoë's help are honestly unbelievable and I have never felt this amazing, or been more looking forward to bikini season. This is the best shape I've ever been in, so thank you so much Zoë for giving me the knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to get me where I am now! You are one of my biggest motivators and will continue to be even after I finish this program.  Thank you!!"



Wayne AUS 

"Gains! Feeling the gains! Zoë’s training is spot on, easy to follow, simple (great when your a shift worker) and most importantly, it gets results. So happy with where I’m heading, thanks Zoë 👍🏼."




Carolina Jimenez COSTA RICA


"Contacting Zoë has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is a great trainer & I feel really happy with the results I achieved on her 12 week Athletique Physique program!  She really knows what to do. I recommend Zoë for any one who wants to achieve a physical improvement and healthier way of living!"


Thanks Zoë!  


Katie Bailey USA


"As a previous Collegiate athlete, using Zoë's Athletique Physique package has put me in the best shape of my life. I never thought I'd say I love going to the gym, but I find myself upset if I have to miss a day. Zoë has been encouraging and supportive through the whole process, I only wish I would have found her earlier in my athletic career! Much love Zoë!"






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