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Here are some of the amazing results my online clients around the world have acheived from my Custom Fitness & Nutrition Packages! I absolutely LOVE working with them & helping them reach their goals and beyond!

Contact me TODAY to start working towards your health & fitness goals!

Kahli O'Connor. SA


Before starting with Zoë, I had been training for four years with little gains to my physique. Overall, I was not happy or confident with my body appearance. Her knowledge & mentoring provided in her 12 Week Athletique Package enabled me to learn more about training and sort out my nutrition once and for all.I was so impressed with her first Package that I then went on to do my very first Competition Prep with her as my coach. Now 25 days out for my first Competition, I’m happy, healthy, full of energy and excitement! Zoë is such a down to earth, personable, and professional woman. Her positivity, guidance, and motivation as my coach helped me reach my health and fitness goals.I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the future and look forward to working with her for my next competition. I highly recommend Zoë to anyone who wants to train and learn from a true professional."



Amy Irving. Saskatoon, CANADA


I was at a point in my life where I was over training and under nourishing my body and needed to make a change. I have been through a few trainers in the past and not one has even come close in comparison to the way Zoë takes care of her clients. Zoë has always been a huge inspiration to me and I had no idea she trained clients online until I came across her website. I was automatically drawn in by her caring attitude and holistic view she holds about the work she does in helping people achieve a healthy figure. Zoë was quick to respond to my initial email and was welcoming to my questions and genuinely interested in helping me find the right program for me. The questionnaire that was sent out before hand to gather information about who I was let me know that she was a perfectionist, and was gathering that information to make a unique package suited to my needs. When I received my complete package I was definitely impressed! Zoë had prepared a booklet of information that covered every single aspect of the program along with Zoë's personal tips! I honestly felt so prepared taking on this new challenge and confident in the trainer I had hired. I was a little ambivalent about dieting again because my past meal plans have been repetitive and boring, but I was beyond thrilled to see options and a wide variety of healthy foods in each phase! I never once felt like I was "dieting" because I was eating way more than I have ever eaten and was completely satisfied by the end of the night. Since I was finally properly nourishing my body my sugar cravings stopped completely! I thought that was going to be impossible because prior to the program I was going out every night picking up sweets! Zoë helped me to understand why I was having these cravings and how this program was going to help me kick my bad habits. The last 12 weeks have been an amazing experience and am proud of the accomplishments I have made with my body through Zoë's guidance and expertise. I would recommend Zoë to anyone looking to improve the way their body looks because she truly cares about your progress and educating her clients on proper nutrition and training so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for EVERYTHING! You have completely changed my life and I am forever thankful xoxox Amy Irving :)


Jackie Herman.Wisconsin, USA.


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you are my coach right now! Not only have you helped me make a physical transformation, but more importantly a mental one. One of the main reasons I contacted you was to become healthy and happy again. Prior to this I suffered from an eating disorder for two and half years and basically I blame myself for ending my college basketball career earlier than it should have since I was malnourished and constantly running before and after practices to lose weight. I was happy for a year because I was "skinny" but that quickly backfired last year. I was up and down with weight and putting myself through long hours of cardio and would be up and down with eating. I finally became tired of being depressed and wanted a healthy relationship with food again since I basically damaged my fast metabolism. I was already following you on Instagram and saw that you were a coach so I finally decided to start a package to help me get my life back on track. Even though you did not know all of this, you helped me overcome something that I thought would never be possible to overcome. By reading your recent interview with Trimmed & Toned, I thought I should tell you all of this and thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope I can one day meet you and give you the biggest hug ever, because I am honestly the happiest and healthiest I have been in a long time both mentally and physically!:) I know it is a novel so you do not have to write back because I know how busy you are changing peoples lives and being a HUGE inspiration!:) Thank you so much you da best!:)


Christina Roderus. BC, CANADA


I came to Zoë in May, trying to recover from a figure competition I had just done. I was struggling with my weight and instead of blowing up after a show, I was getting smaller and losing muscle quickly. I had no knowledge of nutrition or competition nutrition by any means, and went into my show lost, lack of energy, no mental clarity and low carb diet. I didn't know what to do or how to get better. I had seen Zoë on Facebook and ADMIRED everything about her, from her look to her positivity to her hollistic approach to nutrition. I wanted her help. I got more than I could have ever imagined from her. Although I live in Canada and have never met her I truly feel like I have a coach that knows my body and my fears inside and out. She helped me to gain amazing muscle and transform my physique entirely!!! I have never had a confidence like this about myself. She got me back on stage looking my absolute best! She's taught me about weight training, nutrition, competing and how to live a healthy stable lifestyle. What it takes to be a true champion! I no longer have energy loss or crashes, I have complete mental clarity and I'm not sad anymore. Back to being my normal happy self with a whole new confidence. My husband noticed all the changes I had made and how much happier I was this time around and he's so proud of me and so happy that I found someone like Zoë who cares and helps me. I admire Zoë in every way. She answers every e-mail I send and always gets backs to me ASAP. She was there for me every step of the way leading up to my show and even making tweaks and adjustments up to the day of. She's helped me with post-comp nutrition, as this was a huge fear for me, and I'm doing awesome. I'll definitely continue seeing Zoë and cannot wait to start my next package! She is truly one dedicated individual with so much love and knowledge to share. I hope one day I get the opportunity to go to Australia and meet my coach in person! Thank you Zoë for everything :) Christina Roderus



Amy Eggleton. NSW, AUS


Thank you for everything and helping me achieve what I thought would never happen for me! And that's being able to eat and exercise without it being a negative thing, because I didn't like the person I was or saw. Instead it is a positive thing now because I love nourishing my body and becoming the best version of me.This has been an amazing journey for me mentally and physically. Talk about "trusting the process". The first four weeks were the hardest, emotionally more than anything, I kept crying I felt like I was losing the plot. I was being challenged in being accountable for my actions. I am such a perfectionist that usually I would have quit so that I avoid failure. And yet this time I had you helping me keep on track so I had no where to hide or run! Scary and confronting stuff! I used to sit there as the years went by feeling like nothing would change but hoping everything would. You have given me the tools I needed to create the life I wanted so thank you eternally for that. I will let you know how the comp goes as well!!!! Thank you again for everything you have done!!! Amy xxxx




Jocelyn McClellan USA 



"Zoë is an AMAZING trainer. She keeps in contact with her clients so well (even in other countries) and answers back with knowledgable answers fast. She also makes you feel SO good about yourself. She knows what a person needs to do to complete her programs and if they follow there WILL be results. My body is a lot different than others. I've fought sensitive stomach issues ever since I was a teen so there are very little foods I can even eat without feeling sick. We figured out what foods to give me and went from there. I needed a lot of calories to gain and she gave me a great plan to work with! Love her and would DEFINITELY recommend her and use her again. "




Sophie Kuncio VIC AUS


"I commenced an 8 week physique program with Zoë Daly after the Christmas and New Year madness. Zoë had returned my email enquiry within 1 day and knew exactly what I wanted –she truly customised a meal and workout plan just for me!!

The program booklet itself is a world of knowledge; something that I will hold onto for life! Zoë explains so perfectly that lifestyle, balance and sustainability really is the key. The workouts are tough -and awesome - and this combined with the food plan gave me visible results in only a week!!! I could feel muscles I didn’t even know I had!

The food plan – DELICIOUS!! The meals are wholesome, replenishing and nutrient dense. I rarely felt hungry and if I was; all the allowable snacks are great too!! My life is better with peanut butter and protein J

I would fully recommend Zoë’s program to anyone who wants to learn how to work with your body to get the results YOU desire. Thank you Zoë - I know I will practice all you have taught me forever!"






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