Here are some of the amazing results my online clients around the world have acheived from my Custom Fitness & Nutrition Packages! I absolutely LOVE working with them & helping them reach their goals and beyond!

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Jayne Hassett. VIC AUS


Thanks so much for helping me to get in shape for my photo shoot.  If this is how I am looking after only 6 weeks on your program, I can't wait to see how I look and feel after 6 months! Hopefully I will be sporting 6-pack abs :-) 




Tiffany Morice. Chicago, USA.


I've always been a fairly healthy individual being prior military but I have never had the physique I dreamed of having. I put in hours of cardio while training for my marathon and even then, I still couldn't get the look I was trying to achieve for me personally. Then I took the steps and contacted you right before Christmas 2012. I knew I needed help and I was ready for a change. I was committed  to makeing 2013 a year of new beginnings.

Over the last 12 weeks your structured workouts and well balanced meal plans have not only helped me get closer to the physique I want to achieve but has given me confidence to persue my dreams in competing. Your coaching style and the one on one help has by far been the best experience. You not only tailored workouts to me personally but you also made changes when needed throughout the program to help maximize my results.

I can't thank you enough for helping me get into the best shape of my life. As we have recently began our second program together, here's to smashing more goals one rep at a time and to dreams coming true!



Amy Coliek. NSW, AUS


Zoë thanks for taking the time to understand where my body and lifestyle were at and designing a food and exercise program that fit exactly what I needed. I love the results and enjoy my program so much! I've adjusted to the food too and have learnt so much about the importance of nutrition. 



Nerida Graham. QLD AUS


After having my 2nd bub about 15 months ago, I was happy with where I had got my body, but needed a new challenge to just push myself that bit further and take my body to a whole new level. I needed someone who was genuine in helping me and cared about my goals. I was really nervous sending my start photos to Zoë and telling her my goal of competing in an INBA Bikini Modeling comp, as I knew I had a heap of work to do. From the moment I contacted Zoë I never looked back - She encouraged me, she reassured me and gave me positive feed-back, she ALWAYS responded to my emailed questions (no matter how silly) within an hour (even on the weekends if needed) and in the last 4 weeks, was often tweaking my training and nutrition based on my progress... Zoë is SUCH a beautiful girl inside and out and I cannot recommend her highly enough for her online packages - There is constant support and my results were so swift and effective! I shaved off over 6 cm from my waist, nearly 10cm from my hips and 12 cm from my glutes! Although I always knew I was never going to be anywhere near as lean as some of the girls, or be competitive, I just wanted to make it to that stage and with Zoë's constant support and guidance, I made it last Sunday! Best feeling ever! Thank you gorgeous Zoë and if anyone else is looking at progressing their physique to new levels, don't hesitate to contact Zoë xx



Fiona Kern SA


Zoë is unreal!!  An inspirational fitness and lifestyle coach with extensive knowledge and genuine qualities.


I have a new found respect for my body since embarking on this new journey with Zoë.  I crave and get excited about exercise and good fuel/nutrition now.  I will never go back, this is my new lifestyle now.

Zoë may live interstate however her ongoing contact, monitoring and feedback is outstanding, just like you would expect one on one. 

I opened a fitness magazine the other day and proudly said to my husband ‘that’s my coach!’ Zoë really does make you feel unique and special.  Her support and guidance is astounding.  Annoying emails, silly questions, injuries it doesn’t matter Zoë really has been there every step of the way.





Shauna Anderson. NZ


 I admit I was initially skeptical about the concept of an online trainer, but Zoë created a hardcore workout and the CORRECT nutrition combinations and portion sizes for my body type. I was provided with the right ‘tools’ to get me started. I had to provide the mental and physical commitment to get there - with regular contact and motivational emails from Zoë it’s worked and been an awesome experience to start the journey!  I had a lot of silly questions in the beginning and was amazed that Zoë would answer these within a few hours to keep me on track! Those early days were critical to keep me going and create the new habit!


Great bodies really are made in the kitchen! The eating plan has been super easy to follow and I just don’t get the same cravings for sweets that I used to because I’m eating the right foods at the right times. It was great to have a true professional help me understand training techniques, nutrition, meal timing and portion sizes especially from a female’s point of view.  I’m now that person that people tease in the office with my little cooler bag full of Tupperware containers, but I don’t care because for the first time ever I’m not jealous of the cakes they’re eating because I feel great about myself and my progress! All this after only 4 weeks!  The progress achieved continues to provide the fuel to become more determined and stronger.


I’ve always wanted to have a skinny "Barbie body" and have been miserable about being “bulky”. I’ve learnt to embrace my shape over the last couple of years and realize that strong really is the new sexy - and I am proud of the new shape I’m taking.


Zoë, you’re a legend!  :)





Claire Hicks. WA


I have just finished my 4th week on a nutrition and training package from Zoë. I couldn't be happier! Zoë has been such an amazing support system and has answered every question I have no matter how silly! She always responds within a couple of hours which is amazing for someone living on the other side of the country.


The nutrition and training has been super easy to follow. I am working out less, eating more and getting better results. I have so much energy!! It doesn't feel like a "diet" as it's sensible, and you are eating SO MUCH good wholesome food which is very satisfying. The nutrition plan is easily something I can and will follow for life. I am getting stronger and stronger in the gym every day and I did my first ever unassisted chin-up a few days ago! This has always been a goal of mine! I can't wait to see what the next 8 weeks will bring. I strongly recommend Zoë as a coach to anyone and everyone!



Meagan Smith. Ontario, CANADA


Zoë has been an absolutely amazing trainer to me! She is truly a positive role model and takes the time to share her knowledge with others! I began my journey with her 12 weeks ago, and I honestly believe that she has officially pulled me out of my fitness and nutrition rut and has set me on the right track! 2-3 years ago, I used to run over 60-70km/week on top of weight training 4-5 times/week. I was seriously over-training, but I didn't know or feel it. About 2 years ago, I hit a wall, and suffered from metabolic damage as a direct result of my over-training.  I gained a bunch of weight and became very depressed. I was lost as to what to do with my nutrition and fitness at this time. I started following Zoë's page and was completely inspired by her holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, and life! I am so happy that we started this journey together, because it has taught me that eating clean and working out doesn't have to be a should be a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and attainable.

She has been a wonderful trainer and mentor to me throughout the past three months! Even though she lives in Australia, and I in Canada, her ongoing contact, has been incredible! She is constantly monitoring my progress, tweaking things, and providing very detailed feedback. No matter what question I have, she always replies!! I look forward to every workout, and I feel stronger and more energetic than I have every felt! I get excited about my proper nutrition now,

 and my body has never felt better! Zoë has made me feel like a friend, and her ongoing support has been outstanding! I cannot thank her enough for the way in which she has changed my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Zoë to anyone!! She kicks my butt and I LOVE IT!! :)


Thank you very much Zoë!!!!!



Christina Telkamp, Chicago. USA.


Zoë is amazing!! In the last 12 weeks I have learned so much.  She was always very quick to respond to my emails, answer all of my questions and even gave me much needed advice on a difficult personal situation I was going through. Even though she is literally on the other side of the world, she always made me feel special and was always there to help me whenever I needed it.  Before I started on her program I had gotten to a point where I felt like there had to be a better way to see results.  She showed me that I was under eating and overtraining and with all of her help I feel like I have finally found what I was looking for.  I am so grateful for Zoë.  You can definitely see changes in my progress pictures but the biggest changes are the ones that you can't see: happiness, balance and peace of mind... Oh and feeling absolutely amazing everyday and being excited to eat good food and workout is pretty awesome too.  Zoë is truly my biggest inspiration and I am so excited to keep learning from her and to see what my next 'after' picture will look like. :)  Onward and upward from this moment on! 


I am so excited to see what's next!!