Specialized Comp Prep

I only take on a small handful of girls each season as I like to be able to devote the time to YOU.

Lifestyle Packages

My plans are structured accordingly to your individual goals & needs, and are designed to compliment your training.

Nutrition Only

I work with Vegetarians and Vegans. Options range from lower carb, moderate carb through to higher carb


I have 2 styles of online Lifestyle packages with coaching and also offer a Specialised Competition Prep service. All packages include  continuous online support, structured meal guidelines & training programs, 

completely tailored to your needs and goals.


Meal guidelines are easy to follow & training programs get impressive results without spending countless hours in the gym. I do not believe in excessive exercise as this leads to exhaustion, hormonal imbalances & slows progress. My approach to training & nutrition is balanced & will impact on every other aspect of your life in a positive way!  Everyone is different & my programs will be designed to compliment your very own unique goals.


Suitable for both women and men. My aim is to help you become the best, fittest & happiest version of yourself! 

My Happy Clients!



“I wake up every day so thankful that I decided to join Zoë’s team with her fitness program! The results are incredible and never ending! Week by week you can notice your body transform.” 



Her protocols are amazing and have given me a new zest for life. At 44 I never thought I’d feel this good, let alone have the muscle tone that I now have. 



“I’m feeling much more energetic, the physical changes I’m seeing in myself have been incredible. I dropped 8kg, 15cm off my waist and reduced my body fat by 10% – in just 12 weeks!”



“You’ve helped me find balance (not fear eating more food) and have helped me regain control and confidence in myself .” 

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